Value of Casters


At the beginning of this month, Root published a caster ranking rated by progamers. It was considered a pretty controversial ranking. Now that I have the time, I want to write about the casters.

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IdrA Release Incident and Me


The “Release the Gracken” incident has shocked the Starcraft community. In this post, I’m not going to state the what, when, why, how of this incident as this is more publicised than my blog for sure. IdrA actually gets me to do a short self-evaluation.

Disclaimer: I will not write the way I usually do. The language may offend you.

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Wings of Liberty: Top 10 Terran Moments


Wings of Liberty is about to cycle out and make way for Heart of the Swarm. There are so many epic moments in these two and a half years of Starcraft II progaming tournaments. Below are my top 10 Terran moments in Wings of Liberty.

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