Wings of Liberty: Top 10 Terran Moments


Wings of Liberty is about to cycle out and make way for Heart of the Swarm. There are so many epic moments in these two and a half years of Starcraft II progaming tournaments. Below are my top 10 Terran moments in Wings of Liberty.


To be harsh, this is more of an IdrA moment and not MMA’s. MMA shocked the world by destroying his own command centre in MLG Colombus 2011, but IdrA trumped him with an even more shocking move by conceding a potentially won game.


Choya officially announced his retirement as a player this week and place his attention on coaching Team FXO. However, if there is one thing that I remember about Choya as a player, it is definitely not his last game against MarineKing. I will always remember his self-destruction moment against Jinro in MLG Anaheim 2011, which is perhaps the most defining moment of his progaming career.

“Is this real life?” – Day9


In my opinion, GSL Blizzard Cup 2011 final is the best Wings of Liberty series I have seen. Everyone was expecting MMA to close the series in the fourth game when he was 3-0 up. DRG then made a surprising come back and pushed the series to game 7. It is hard to label a specific moment of this series as epic, which explains why it is only number 8. You can watch the whole final by clicking the button below.


Game 7:


It is a sin not to have BoxeR in my top 10 epic moments.

What do you do when Protoss turtle up at a choke? Drop?

It is EMP.


IMMvp once said in an interview back in 2011 that Terran in mirror match would eventually transit to Sky Terran. BoxeR and Rain put up a good show of Sky Terran battle in MLG Anaheim 2011.


Another epic moment from the emperor.

SlayerS, led by BoxeR, was the best Terran team. The players were always ahead of the metagame. For example, they popularized blue flame hellion drop. Thus, expectation was high when two SlayerS Terran players, BoxeR and Ganzi, faced each other in GSL.

Bio vs. Mech was the metagame in Terran mirror in 2011. In general, bio players will make use of its mobility and try to force mech players to unsiege their tanks. While mech players will turtle up and roll over the opponent with max supply mech army. BoxeR demonstrated how you can punish tank wall. It was a revolution in mirror match.


I know. You are waiting for Mvp, the most accomplished player in Wings of Liberty, to appear on the list.

A long long long macro game is expected on Metropolis for TvZ. The map would be cut in half and Terran was expected to have many ravens and ghost in the army composition. As for Zerg, they would swap in between ultralisk and broodlord tech, which was difficult to handle for Terran. In IEM Gamescom 2012, Nestea went for a broodlord, corruptor and infestor push, and Mvp caught him with his pants down. GG.


Every Terran knows how important it is to have missile turrets to defend the main in Daybreak for mirror match. TOP did just that, but was not enough to stop Mvp’s doom drop. Mvp dropped four nukes in TOP’s main base in a GSL final. Who says Mvp is boring? This is showmanship at its best.


MarineKingPrime in number two seems legit.

MKP, named himself BoxeR back then, changed how players see the TvZ match up. Baneling was designed to kill marines, but may be not the marines of the king. MKP turned the outcome of the battles around against Kyrix several times by showcasing marine splitting in GSL Open Season 2.



Number 1 goes to the epic moment in GSL 2012 Season 2 final.

This has it all, venue, importance, timing, execution, entertainment, come back, final etc.

You have to watch it to believe it.

What do you think?

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