TvZ: INnoVation’s Hellion and Cyclone Mech

INnoVation’s victory over Dark using a new mech style with Hellion and Cyclone has definitely got everyone talking about it. I will discuss how it works and some of the key defining features.

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Gas first Reaper opening for Mech


The build that I’m discussing is at least one month old since its first notable match in IEM Toronto between Flash and Taeja. Since then, I have seen INnoVation used it in GSL against Cure, and ForGG also used it against MMA.

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2014/15 Starcraft professional scene


The 2013/14 is coming to an end after Proleague has concluded and with WCS Season 3 moving on to the knockout stage. There are signs of expansion in the competitive scene for the next season. However, there are still a few important questions remain.

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