TerranCraft is now on Patreon

TerranCraft has a Patreon page now!

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StarCraft 20th Anniversary & Me

Few games have the impact of Starcraft. On a personal level, I could not have imagined the influence Starcraft has on me when I first picked up the game. This is just a post about Starcraft and me.

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Hi everyone,

I will stop posting in TerranCraft for the time being. Something happened to me outside of Starcraft, I need to deal with it with my all. I had some relatively long gaps between posts in the last five years, but this time round is going to be longer.

Hopefully, I will be back.


Applying Temporal Considerations in Current TvP Balance Discussion

Thanks to the recent patch 4.0, the Starcraft community has not been this active for a long time. As expected, there are many discussion threads regarding balance on forums, and it is always a joy to watch the zealots of different perspectives calling the oppositions out. Based on these conversations, it occurs to me that temporal considerations are not on top of everyone’s mind, and I am going to discuss it in this post.

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