The Elementary Series

The Elementary Series covers important topics that can be applied broadly at all levels. This is not meant to be a lesson from me to you, and you can read more about the motivation behind this in this feedback post.

Newer players should find this particularly useful, and the information should be relevant in any patch. They are also not limited to Terran.

This page serves as the content page of the series, and each topic will be posted separately with an [ES] tag at the title. This is still a work in progress, so the topics below may not have a link and they are not exhaustive. I welcome topic suggestion.

10 thoughts on “The Elementary Series

  1. Waiting for this post.
    I really want to be better on SC2. I come from Vietnam and I just have played alone. So, I really really want a guild to get me be better on this game.
    Waiting for you, and thank you so much.

    1. I know there are some players in Vietnam, you may want to reach out to them on Reddit. You can post your replays on /r/allthingsterran for more specific help.

  2. Hey, Max!

    I’m a new player, and I found that focusing on getting my mechanics right first, namely, MacroCycling, has given me the biggest payoff compared to learning every opener or every nuance of the game.

    It is difficult forming that habit to cycle through all my buildings to keep up queue of unit/worker, when doing attention taxing tasks like attacking or defending against attack.

    Day9 prescribes this exercise to practice juggling the vital Macro with Micro. (Part 1) (Part 2 – Minimap, Money)

    What are your thoughts on that exercise? Do you have any other suggestions in terms of how to specifically target MacroCycling within Starcraft mechanics?

    I’m learning alot from the posts from this ES. Thanks alot!

    1. I think these exercises are good for they intend to do, because they focus on specific things incrementally. Such deliberate practice has obvious benefits. I recommend on top of these exercises, play a few unranked games and consciously apply the few things you were practicing. This is to bridge the difference between practice and “real” game environment.

      Mechanics really is something that you cannot rush in terms of improvement, because it is a lot about being automatic with the actions. Thus, it takes time to build the habit. Don’t stress about it. Put in some work, but don’t get frustrated for not seeing the improvement quickly. You actually improved a lot more than you thought. Macro cycle is a little big more advance, and it is something that ties the basic macro stuff together in practice.

      In sum, my advice is to focus on getting good habits down (fee free to adapt to preferences), and not force yourself to improve quickly (e.g., creating complex macro cycle) as it would lead to bad habits.

  3. Hi there! I really enjoy this blog, and for me it’s a reference point for learning to play SC2. Thank you very much!
    I’d really love to read about scouting, which is something I struggle with, especially in the mid-late game. Hope so much to see that post up soon. Cheers!

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