Hyperion’s Cantina

This page is to show my appreciation to the heroes who have contributed to the sustainability of TerranCraft. They are inducted into the Hyperion’s Cantina.

I do not want to run ads and pop ups that are not what you come here for, but at the same time it is hard for me to maintain this website as a full time student.

You can support TerranCraft via Patreon and PayPal.

Patreon supporters

  • sundaysushi
  • Vince Houmes
  • Chris Cullins
  • Dust
  • Daniel Koffler
  • Rodrigo Machuca Andrade
  • Zak van der Merwe
  • Tamas Csarno
  • Kristian Punevski
  • Harry Hurley
  • Jacob Sylvest
  • Hans-Peter Weecks

PayPal supporters

  • Tobias Klippel
  • Cory Eakin
  • Brian Rollins
  • Daniel Koffler
  • Cavan Quam
  • Chong Yee Kiat
  • Bernhard Ebner
  • Jan Henninger
  • James Flint
  • Jacob Sylvest
  • ansichart
  • Romulo Ronan Oliveira de Morais
  • James Essex
  • David Parries
  • Dieter McDougall
  • Arnaud Hoffmann
  • Hans-Peter Weecks

The list is in reverse chronological order. Please let me know if by any chance I miss out your name, or you wish to use your gaming ID instead.