TvT: 15/16 Reaper Expand Basic Framework

In the last post, I discussed how TvT is a match up of framework, and why there is less emphasis on build orders. This post follows that up and provides a basic framework for the standard 15/16 Reaper expand opening.

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Revisiting Convergent Points (LotV)

Convergent point is one of the most important concepts in understanding how to play a good macro game. I have posted about it in the Heart of the Swarm era (part 1 and part 2), and I believe it is a good time to post an improved version with some updates based on Legacy of the Void.

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TvP: Widow Mine drop standard game

widow mine Previously, I have mentioned that there was a subtle metagame shift in TvP opening in November-December 2014, whereby Terran opt for tech before additional Barracks early on. It has become the norm in the current metagame. This post discusses the most standard Widow Mine drop opening in TvP. Continue reading “TvP: Widow Mine drop standard game”