TvT: Double Refinery Reaper Hellion

Double Refinery Reaper Hellion is one of the most common openings in the Terran mirror match now. It has been discussed a lot recently on forums, and I will share my thoughts on it.

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TvP: Two Base Raven Tankivac

Tankivac has redefined the Terran mirror and Terran versus Zerg match up in Legacy of the Void. Now, it has also found its way to the Terran versus Protoss match up that previously utilises Tank the least. I am going to discuss the inclusion of Tankivac in the two base attack build that has been popular recently.

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TvT: The Role of Medivac for Mech

vs terran

Although mech was expected to be the main composition of Terran for Heart of the Swarm, most players opted for the standard Marine Tank composition when the expansion was just released. The new Medivac speed boost ability was often cited as the reason for the choice. However, Medivac had been heavily used in mech recently.

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