TvP: Adept Phoenix

The Adept Phoenix composition has been very successful recently in GSL and IEM, and it is extremely popular now. I will discuss what this build does, and how to play against it.

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Revolution of Cyclone

Cyclone is not the first unit to come to mind when you think about how the new Legacy of the Void units change the game, but this unit has been in the spotlight in some recent games. Incidentally, these new styles coincide with the announcement of the proposed balance changes, and I want discuss how that may revolutionalise the role of the unit.

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TvP: Widow Mine drop standard game (Part 3)

widow mine

While the Widow Mine drop build has been the standard opening for the past few months, there have been some changes to how both Terran and Protoss play. This post is an update of the current Widow Mine drop metagame.

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