2013 IEM Singapore Day 2

iem singapore

The main group stage was played out today. Get to see Scarlett and Mvp!

Sadly, I traveled there alone today, so I have no one to take photo for me.

Both Happy and Mvp are playing mech against the Zerg players. Terran has yet to find an answer against Swarm Host.

Mvp has 4 GSL and 1 GSTL champion badges on his chest. Like a boss.

20131129_134257Mvp on stage



20131129_135732Hack and Bomber

20131129_135933I feel like I have become a better player just by watching Bomber from such a close distance

20131129_142114IdrA and Kaelaris


20131129_155411DRG on stage

20131129_162023LoL is always given the priority on main stage

20131130_014653Guess the owner

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