2013 IEM Singapore Day 4

iem singapore

I did not attend IEM on Day 3 because I wasn’t feeling too well. Luckily, I could experience the final day live.

Finally get to see Nestea on the last day.

The crowd was more energetic than any other days.


20131201_151244San vs. Hydra

20131201_170324ReDeYe and carmac

20131201_170733Free gifts being thrown down from stage

20131201_170824These two sticks almost hit my head

20131201_172854Final: San vs. herO

20131201_184856$10000 for herO


20131201_184929Every champ likes to put the trophy there

20131201_184944I wonder what happens when an IEM champ is too heavy for this

20131201_185038The crowd has to “force” him to kiss the trophy

20131201_185105Your champion

20131201_185113Surrounded by cameras

20131201_185117More cameras

20131201_185235Poor San after the final

20131201_191010herO and me

20131201_233336herO and Nestea

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