TvP: TY’s 3CC Defensive Build

TY’s 3CC TvP build in Dreamhack caught my attention, and I think it is a really well thought out build. More interestingly, it is a build that is not based on Heart of the Swarm, but is newly developed in Legacy of the Void.

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Lesson from SHOUTcraft II (Part 1: TvP)

SanDisk SHOUTcraft Invitational II is the first tournament after the official release of Legacy of the Void, and it is a good opportunity for us to learn more about the new expansion from the professionals. This will be broken down into three parts (three match-ups), and TvP is the first because not every TvT and TvZ vod from the tournament is available now.

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TvP: Widow Mine drop standard game (Part 2)

widow mine

Reaper expand into Widow Mine drop standard play is the current metagame build, and I’ve discussed the build order and general game plan in the previous post. This post is look at how Protoss’ builds interact with this build.

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