WCS Global Finals 2015 Prediction

The WCS Global Finals 2015 starts this weekend, and here is my prediction.

Click to enlarge image.


I predicted INnoVation to win, and I think it’s a “heart plus brain” choice. He’s definitely the best Terran, and is arguably the best player now. We need a Terran Blizzcon Champion to round up Heart of the Swarm nicely.

I then used Aligulac to predict the outcome.


There is one difference in Ro16. I chose Dream over Hydra. My heart is leaning towards Dream as he’s my favorite Terran player to watch this year. My brain tells me that Dream is still up there as the one of the best TvZ players (recall the rivalry he has against Life), even though he’s not exactly a fan of mech in the match up. The fact that Hydra is in not in the South Korean region, I have even stronger confidence in Dream.

The other notable difference is sOs versus Maru in the semifinal. I may be biased towards Terran, but Maru’s TvP is just too good.

There you go, my prediction.

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