TvZ: Sky Terran Composition

Recently, sky Terran has been used in top level TvZ games. While sky Terran is not a new composition, it is rare to see it being used as the core composition instead of a late game transition.

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Attention Based Harassment Execution

There are good harassments which deal so much damage that they pull the opponent apart, and there are also bad harassments which simply donate units. The effectiveness of a harassment hinges on how well the player stretches the opponent’s attention, and how little attention the player needs to execute it. I want to discuss about how the consideration of attention can improve harassment execution.

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Lesson from SHOUTcraft II (Part 1: TvP)

SanDisk SHOUTcraft Invitational II is the first tournament after the official release of Legacy of the Void, and it is a good opportunity for us to learn more about the new expansion from the professionals. This will be broken down into three parts (three match-ups), and TvP is the first because not every TvT and TvZ vod from the tournament is available now.

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