Match Fixing Scandal 2015

The news of another match fixing scandal in Starcraft has broken out hours ago, and here is the summary and my opinion. More importantly, I want to discuss about how this could be potentially prevented.

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TvZ Reaper Opening: Early 1x Tank Defense

vs zerg

12/12 Reaper opening is the current metagame build in TvZ. Despite that the build gives the Terran player decent map control in the early game, especially with Reactor Hellion follow up, it is vulnerable to early aggression timings. This post is about how a minor build order change could help against such timings.

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Widow Mine drop in TvT


Widow Mine drop has been a big part of Terran’s strategy in Heart of the Swarm. If opponent does not react properly, s/he will loss around six workers. However, Widow Mine’s ability to kill workers at the mineral line is much less effective in Terran mirror match. This post is about how Widow Mine drop can be used effectively in TvT.

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