TvZ: Two base timing with new Hellbat patch


The last Hellbat patch has changed the dynamics of the opening and early mid game of TvZ. Since then, there has been various forms of Hellbat build. But none of these builds is as aggressive as the one I am going to discuss in this post.

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Gas first Reaper opening for Mech


The build that I’m discussing is at least one month old since its first notable match in IEM Toronto between Flash and Taeja. Since then, I have seen INnoVation used it in GSL against Cure, and ForGG also used it against MMA.

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Learning TvP from Flash

Untitled-3image taken from KT Rolster facebook page

Flash played several TvP games in recent tournaments. He won PartinG in Proleague Grand Final, Dear, Classic, herO and Pigbaby in the IEM Toronto qualifier. He made some interesting minor changes on top of the standard TvP play.

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