TvP: Maru’s Mag-Field Accelerator Push at the Third Nexus

This is my fourth TvP post in a row (fifth, if you exclude the announcement). I’m going to discuss an interesting timing build from Maru.

Build order

14 – Supply Depot
16 – Barracks (fake proxy)
16 – Refinery
17 – Refinery
@100% Barracks – Reaper and Orbital Command
20 – Supply Depot
@100 gas – Factory (pull 2 Scv off Refinery)
@100% Reaper – Lift Barracks and place it back in base
@100% Factory – Tech Lab; put 2 Scv back to Refinery
@400 mineral – Command Centre (@100% – Orbital Command)
After Barracks landed – Reactor
@100% Tech Lab – Cyclone (constant production – stop at three)
@150 mineral – Starport, then Supply Depot
Build Supply Depot accordingly hereafter.
@100 mineral – Mag-Field Accelerator
@100% Reactor – Marines (constant production)
@100% Starport (when affordable) – Liberator or Medivac
@100% Liberator or Medivac – Medivac
@100% 3rd Cyclone – Switch Factory on Reactor and Barracks on Tech Lab; 2x Widow Mine

Attack Protoss’ third Nexus with everything.


The aim of the build is to attack Protoss’ third Nexus at 5:30.

One Gateway expand into Stargate and a quick third Nexus has been the norm in TvP for quite some time. Many early and mid game decisions on both sides revolve around this norm, and I have talked a lot about this phenomenon this year (e.g., herehere, and here). In short, Stargate units allow Protoss to control the opponent, so they have the opportunity to put down an early third Nexus (before second and third Gateway). Terran have little success in making a push with Stim and Medivac toward Protoss’ third Nexus, because the timing coincides with Protoss’ production burst in the mid game (for reference). As a result, we had seen Terran make a small push toward the third Nexus with landed Viking, Tank, and Marine in a window when Protoss have little production.

This build applies the same logic and uses the new Cyclone with Mag-Field Accelerator for the push. It starts with a fake proxy opening. because you want to open up with a double Refinery quick tech to build up your Cyclone count (explained here). Protoss do not have Charge or Blink at the time when they go for the Stargate tech path, so they have problem dealing with Cyclone in the push.

Maru went for a Liberator in first vod and a Medivac in second vod for the first Starport unit. It is very important that the Liberator is not used to harass the mineral line until you execute the push. The purpose is to create a two-pronged attack when you attack the push with your main force, while you siege the Liberator in opponent’s main at the same time (for reference). If you were to put a Liberator at the mineral line without any other distraction, you merely disrupt mining for the cost of a Liberator. On the other hand, if you were to go for a Medivac, the purpose is to harass with the Cyclone as you are preparing for the push. This requires good micro, and it would be disastrous if you were to lose the Medivac and/or Cyclone. Of course, this option also provides you with scouting information, so it depends on whether you want to have a more effective push or a more informed early game.

The swap of add-on to add two Widow Mine to the push is so Maru. Protoss do not have enough to deal with the force immediately, and they will try to buy time. This allows Terran to position for the push, and Widow Mine is the best choice in controlling a small area. You should start moving across the map when you are producing the Widow Mine. When the two Widow Mines are out, you transport them over with the Medivac to join the battle. This build easily transition to a standard macro game.

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12 thoughts on “TvP: Maru’s Mag-Field Accelerator Push at the Third Nexus

  1. Great article Max, I do want to let you know that Maru pulled 1 scv out of each gas geyser after the factory was placed, similar to the 2 gas 2:30 expansion TvT opener. Thanks for the articles, these are super interesting!

      1. ah i looked at this again and saw the scv pull and thought i was really dumb for a second haha. yeah the scv pull is purely for the cc timing and since he’s not investing in a starport right away. good stuff my guy <3

  2. Hi! Awesome post, really like it! I have been taking an interest in starcraft and Im just trying to learn build orders. Got some from the recent homestory cup but its hard to copy from the pro straight away. I was wondering will there be any tvt or tvz build orders posted in the near future? Thanks!

    1. There will always be new builds. You can subscribe to get notified when a new article comes out, and you can also follow me on Twitter.

  3. The aim of the build is to attack Protoss’ third Nexus at 5:30 with Cyclone (with Mag-Field Accelerator), Marine, and Widow Mine. It is designed to deal with Protoss’ Stargate opening into a quick third Nexus.

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