Partnering with Spawning Tool

I am excited to announce my partnership with Spawning Tool.

Most of you should be familiar with Spawning Tool. It is a community driven website that documents and analyses build orders.

Spawning Tool and I had worked together several times, and we complement each other well. It is a no-brainer for us to join forces and produce quality content.

Kevin and Dan of Spawning Tool have contributed to the StarCraft community tremendously in recent years. You can learn more about the story behind Spawning Tool in the podcast below.

The new 4.7.1 patch is upon us, and Serral continues his dominating form by winning the Home Story Cup 18. The tournament has provided us with valuable information on new builds and strategies. Stay tune as we are preparing exciting analyses on the new build orders.

Follow us on Twitter at @Maxyusc and @spawningtool.


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