Widow Mine in New Patch TvP


The new patch of hope for TvP has just kicked in. Perhaps the most unexplored changes of the patch is the Widow Mine buff. I will discuss about its implication.

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Reviewing Widow Mine


The opinion on Widow Mine so far has been divided. On one camp, it’s too overpowered. Conversely, it’s just right.

This post is about how I feel toward Widow Mine after I have played approximately 20 to 30 1v1 games on Heart of the Swarm till this point. Additionally, it’s also based on the games played in IEM – World Championship.

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Widow Mine drop in TvT


Widow Mine drop has been a big part of Terran’s strategy in Heart of the Swarm. If opponent does not react properly, s/he will loss around six workers. However, Widow Mine’s ability to kill workers at the mineral line is much less effective in Terran mirror match. This post is about how Widow Mine drop can be used effectively in TvT.

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