Polt vs. Blink Stalkers


IEM Cologne was packed with great games. Polt’s performance was astonishing, and really showed his intelligence. Specifically, his tactical reaction to the literally most hated TvP build blink Stalkers build has the potential to shake the metagame.

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Polt’s TvP Tactical Movement

vs protoss

Along with Bomber, Polt is one of the two who I think is a joy to watch for TvP. I admire Bomber’s twist to metagame builds and Polt’s tactical movement for the match up. Previously I had posted about Polt’s tactics in delaying Protoss’ third against PartinG, this post is about his tactical movement from the first person perspective.

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TvP: 10:00 – 12:00


One barrack expand in TvP is the most commonly used build now. Although there are different variations (e.g. Bomber’s delay refinery build), they still generally converge back to three barracks, one starport and one engineering bay by 9:30. By 10:00, Terran should be outside of the Protoss’s natural with marines, marauders and two medivacs. However, this timing is so typical that both Terran and Protoss know what to expect from each other. Then, what is the objective of Terran at this time frame?

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