TvP build: 15 gas


15 gas opening is the most common build for TvP in recent IEM – World Championship and MLG Winter Championship. The build is not exactly new as it has been used in Wings of Liberty for TvT, albeit it wasn’t as popular as other builds.

The build has been mentioned in Team Liquid and Reddit, but I feel that the “descriptions” do not clearly identify the true value of the build. This post is about how the build could shape up to adapt to various options of Protoss.

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Wings of Liberty: Top 10 Terran Moments


Wings of Liberty is about to cycle out and make way for Heart of the Swarm. There are so many epic moments in these two and a half years of Starcraft II progaming tournaments. Below are my top 10 Terran moments in Wings of Liberty.

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MLG, ESL and DH partnership

This is not exactly ‘new news’. Two weeks ago, the partnership of Major League Gaming (MLG), Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Dreamhack (DH) was announced. It was well received by  the community overall. There is a consensus that this will help eSports development and the Starcraft 2 community will benefit from it. However, there are always tradeoffs when something as big as this happens.

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