TvT: Double Refinery Reaper Cyclone

The Reaper Cyclone opening is considered to be the meta-defining opening in patch 3.8 TvT now with INnoVation having an absurd win rate using it. I will break down the opening and discuss INnoVation’s follow up build.

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Revolution of Cyclone

Cyclone is not the first unit to come to mind when you think about how the new Legacy of the Void units change the game, but this unit has been in the spotlight in some recent games. Incidentally, these new styles coincide with the announcement of the proposed balance changes, and I want discuss how that may revolutionalise the role of the unit.

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TvZ: Double Medivac Stim (Part 3)

There are some obvious metagame changes in the TvZ match up, and they have generated lots of discussion. After much thinking, I believe the best way to illustrate how these changes interact with each other is to use the popular double Medivac Stim build as the anchor.

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