DeepMind & Go: What it means to Starcraft

You should have heard of the news of AlphaGo defeating Lee Sedol by now, and Starcraft may be the next game that DeepMind (AlphaGo) want to challenge. This is a great news for Starcraft.

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Social Dynamics of Negativity on Starcraft Forums

As we know, the Starcraft community on forum has a reputation of being negative toward the game, even though that seems to have improved recently (hope I don’t jinx it). I realise this phenomenon is actually consistent with the recent academic findings.

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2014/15 Starcraft professional scene


The 2013/14 is coming to an end after Proleague has concluded and with WCS Season 3 moving on to the knockout stage. There are signs of expansion in the competitive scene for the next season. However, there are still a few important questions remain.

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