Plan for July-August 2018

I had submitted my thesis, so I can afford to spend more time on TerranCraft.

First and foremost, I want to complete the The Elementary Series. I couldn’t find the time to complete it earlier this year.

There are a few topic that I always wanted to write about. For example, I want to discuss Medivac and drop in general. I did something like this before with Siege Tank and its positioning. Articles like this are pretty hard to craft, as having a good structure to organise many different ideas into appropriate categories is a challenge. The Tank positioning article took me months.

I thought of writing a Terran Starter Pack. It is meant to provide basic information for players who are new to Terran (but not Starcraft). In my opinion, the best way to organise it is to write separate articles, then link them in the starter pack. I had gathered some feedback on a reddit thread. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve any recommendation.

I aim for six to seven articles a month. But quality over quantity.

Off track, I didn’t really know what to do after I had submitted my thesis. So, I just boot up Starcraft, but there is a timely problem with the server in Australia! In the end, I just went all-in for nostalgia games. I started Pokemon Fire Red on my phone, and bought WarCraft III: The Reign of Chaos (digital copy). The WC3 was not embedded to the new Battle.Net, and it asked me for CD key after I had installed it. I had to sign in to my Blizzard account on browser to copy and paste the CD key in. CD key is so old school. The cinematic could not be played (only audio), because the codec was outdated! I had to download codec separately. Everything feels so slow compared to SC2. The AI pathing is pretty bad. I am going through the campaign, and my feelings toward the characters are so different now compared to those when I first played at at 15.


4 thoughts on “Plan for July-August 2018

    1. I couldn’t believe I was still anxious the next day. Woke up early thinking I fuck something up somewhere. Chronic anxiety.

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