New Domain Better Layout

I have mentioned about improving the site last year, so here it is.

New domain

It is now!

I have bought the domain, and the site will no longer be Terrancraft is still hosted by wordpress, but there is no “”. If you go to the old one, you will automatically be directed to the new one.

Better layout

The layout has been improved. I picked the most suitable layout that is within my budget and technical constraint.

The featured posts, which may not necessarily be the latest post, will be shown as a slider at the top. These were previously on the right column like this,


It is very inconvenient for me to edit the featured posts list, so this new feature should be a great addition.

There are some quicklink icons added to the side. I always use my own blog as a directory to various Starcraft related sites, so I decided to have the most often visited sites right on the default page for my own convenience. The full directory can be found at the “Link” in the top menu.

I have also cleaned up the menu at the top. The different topics are now displayed as a drop down menu instead of presented horizontally. The guides and builds page has also been updated with Legacy of the Void content. The highlighted content from the previous expansions can still be found there.

There are a number of minor changes to improve readability.

Guest articles

This is something that I have been thinking for a long time, and I have yet made up my mind.

I am considering to post guest articles here occasionally in order to widen the perspective. As you know, while I discuss about Starcraft in general, my analytical pieces are Terran-focused. Thus, it may be a good idea to have occasional articles of other races and match ups.

Another reason for guest articles is that quite a number of you have expressed your interest in contributing to the site. Previously, I have been clear that this is my blog and I simply want to use it as a platform to structure my learning and express my opinion, so I have no intention of developing it into a bigger site to have multiple writers. Most of the time, I will encourage those who have sent me these emails to start their own blogs, but it does not seem to be a feasible option. This is because many only want to post when they have something of good quality, and it is extremely troublesome to start a blog and produce quality pieces week in week out. Many then post on platforms like reddit, but they prefer to have their content to “stick around” more. Therefore, although I still stick to my position that this is my blog and I am the primary audience, I thought having guest articles may be something worth getting feedback on.

This is what I think may work. You sent me an email of the short summary of the article highlighting the key discussion points, and I will tell you if this is something that I think should be posted. This is because it may be a topic that I may be working on, or it is something that may not fit well with Terrancraft (just being honest). Hence, it will be a good idea to focus on Protoss and Zerg, or a discussion of an unorthodox build like this. If it is something that is worth posting, then you start to work on it (save your effort). I will refrain from editing the actual article as much as possible, as I know first hand that you want to have a sense of ownership and having a serious editor may damage the joy. You will of course be credited and you can link your Twitter if you want.

This is just the draft of the idea, and I am not sure if there are enough entries to make it worthwhile. Let me know what you think.

What do you think?

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