Legacy of the Void for TerranCraft


Legacy of the Void is less than two months away, so I just want to discuss about what I plan to do with TerranCraft.

It will be released on 10 November 2015, and it is a month earlier than what I expected. My plan was to migrate the blog from wordpress.com to .com. It takes lots of work, and the fact that I’ve little to no knowledge about how the procedure is making me wonder if I can even do it by the official release date.

The reason for the switch is that this free wordpress.com template is very limited in what I can do. It is extremely hard to add a certain feature when the free templates don’t really support it. For example, the “featured posts” banners on the right column is a not so elegant way of presenting what I intend to do. There is much room for improvement in terms of design too, and it is something that I look forward to play around with.

I have been thinking about buying my own domain since the middle of last year. Earlier this year, I had made up my mind to do that at the end of the year to line up the switch with the release of Legacy of the Void. Of course, the fact that I have a break in December plays a big part in it. However, since I will be very busy in these two months, it is impossible to do the transition by 10 November 2015. Therefore, my decision is to make a compromise that I will be posting about Legacy of the Void here before I am ready for the switch.

I have received messages on why I don’t post about Legacy of the Void just yet. One of the reasons is to make a switch to the new site along with Legacy of the Void. By that I don’t mean to start anew with Legacy of the Void on the new domain, but I simply want to move it over and continue there. I have also been thinking whether I should expand it and go beyond just Terran. The fact that Legacy of the Void provides me the best opportunity for a race switch if I want to, I may not want to restrict myself to discuss only about Terran.

What does all this mean?

At the core, I just want to say I have finally made up my mind to get a domain.

It may seem weird and silly, as it is so convenient to get a domain nowadays. But there are two problems. The first is the self-sustainability problem. Many sites have an aim to make it profitable in the long run, but I don’t plan to do so. With that being said, I don’t want to lose money to run it either, so it becomes a dilemma. This leads to the second problem, which is the lack of incentive to change to a new domain apart from the reasons I mentioned at the start of the post. In short, I can continue to express my opinion and systematically shape my learning, which are the fundamental reasons I started this blog, without making a change. As someone who does research on consumer behaviour and decision making, I may be just being a little too “homo economicus“.

Anyway, enough of my storytelling, here is what I want from you.

You’re thinking about money, aren’t you?

I just want to get some feedback on it. Mainly, I want to know what you want to see in the new domain. It can be anything ranging from design to features, or any other feedback. This is because I want to pick the right blog design to cater for what I plan to do.

The cinematic is so sick! But I guess you can just cast Photon Overcharge on the Pylon, and call it job well done. EZPZ!


12 thoughts on “Legacy of the Void for TerranCraft

  1. oh, didn’t know you are a student of the dismal science ;) Hosting your own domain for low bandwidth content is not expensive (compared to the opportunity cost of your time), but I can’t see how you’d break even with it. I don’t have a single complain about the layout of your current site, but hey, it is your site, do what you feel like to do.

    1. Social science is <3

      It costs around US$10 to 15 a year, so it certainly isn't monetarily discouraging compared to the effort and time I put in. Let's see how it goes.

      But let me know if you've any improvement you want to see.

  2. Hey there, I once sent you a message about making some CSS changes to your site in regards to the ‘featured posts’. This seems like the perfect opportunity to offer my assistance on a larger scale, if you email me at nick@klufas.me I would be happy to help you traverse the migration onto your own domain. I even have a server you could host your WordPress site on for free, if it’s capable of sustaining your level of traffic, if not I can help you choose a cheap/fast solution.


  3. I’d like to have a helpful critique, but I feel like your site is already pretty well laid out and easy to navigate. Always impressed by how dense it is with information for a one man operation. thanks!

      1. Maybe he meant the possibility to include other races. I see your “Terran only” as a kind of distinction from other “sites”. Stay focused as long as it meaningful.

        1. It’s quite unlikely that I will truly expand into other races, because it’s just too hard to know the depth of each race and articulate the understanding in written words. But I may occasionally write about other races.

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