Multiplayer Redesign 2017 First Impression

Blizzard had just announced their multiplayer redesign proposal, and this is my first impression.

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Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Redesign

Blizzard announced their proposed changes to the multiplayer mode in Dreamhack last weekend. I took some time to digest the content, and I think it says a lot what Blizzard want to do. There are several things I disagree with on the problem identification stage.

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Review on the Last Three Proposed Balance Patch

balance banner

Blizzard has been exceptionally active in proposing changes in the next balance patch. This is a clear sign that Blizzard acknowledges that the current state of the game has to be changed through patches. I will review this proposed changes collectively.

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Balance Test Map (03/01/2014)

balance banner

The new season has kicked off with Proleague and a proposed balance test map. The production of Proleague looks very promising, while the proposed balance test map seems to move in the right direction. I will give my thoughts on the proposed changes.

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