How to Wall


Many of you may have experienced Zerglings runby through building gaps that you think the Zerglings cannot get through. The following video explains how to wall.

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Understanding Convergent Points (Part 2)


This post continues from the previous post and discusses the advance concept of convergent points.

Although I have previously referred convergent point as a benchmark in terms of the production buildings you should have based on the number of bases you own to have optimum production. Importantly, it is also a benchmark that you should converge your build to.

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Understanding Convergent Points (Part 1)


Recently, I helped a friend to review his game. I noticed that his mechanics is good but he doesn’t understand “convergent point”. Convergent point is a basic concept which is extremely important. Unlike mechanics like macro and micro, it is something that does not require repeated practice for improvement. Once you know it, you know it.

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