Resource boost tricks (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the previous post, mineral boost tricks.

After some thoughts, ‘resource’ is a more appropriate word than ‘mineral’. This is based on the very simple reason that the tricks can be applied to mine gas!

I had no intention to have a part 2 until I found the following video.

This author, who I assume is the same person who discovered trick 1 in part 1, posted this video after the patch that remove trick 1 from the game. In his video, he clearly showed that he was  well aware of trick 3. On top of that, he has shown another trick in the video (4:57)

Trick 4

Same as trick 1.

Solution and rationale:
The mechanics behind this trick is very similar to what is being shown in the Warcraft III video I’ve posted in part 1. Basically, there are units that can walk through other units. For example, in Warcraft III, Blademaster can overlap with another unit when he’s using windwalk. In Starcraft II, a worker can mineral walk to walk past units, and this is a common trick. However, when the unit lost its ‘walk through’ ability while it is overlapping with another unit, they cannot appear on the same spot. So the AI will force the ‘walk through’ unit to appear next to the stationary unit. By placing units in front of the mineral patch where a worker will be while mining from it can create the same effect. This helps to accelerate mining.

How to do it:
Patrol units at the spot right in front of the mineral patch, where a mining worker will stand while mining from that patch.

This trick is not practical, because it is illogical to place a unit there. Since the very purpose is to increase mining efficiency, it will be more efficient to mine with another worker than using it to do be stationary just to allow another worker to use this trick. This trick only increases the efficiency of individual worker but not overall efficiency. It is not wise to place units like marine, zealot and zergling there, when they can be used for other better purposes.


What do you think?

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