A Discussion with Friends on the 1 July 2019 Community Update

brownbear, Gemini, Neuro, and I had a discussion about the latest community update on Neuro’s stream recently. Quite a number of you asked for the vod, so here it is.

I enjoyed the discussion. It was rather impromptu, so thanks Neuro for hosting and facilitating.

It started off with brownbear and I thinking about recording a discussion on the latest community update. Since the proposal mainly involved Protoss, I thought inviting Gemini would be wise. Then, as we were talking about PvZ, I thought why not we invite a Zerg to complete the team. Neuro was the obvious choice. It is a great team in my opinion.

brownbear – RTS design / Terran
Gemini – Protoss
Neuro – Zerg
Me – Terran

I watched the vod to check if I was speaking too fast. Some of my students mentioned that I speak too fast at times. I thought my speed was fine in this discussion, but my internet (or mic) was bad. It was like 20% of my words didn’t get captured, so everyone had to sort of fill in the blank. But I guessed it worked out fine.

Let us know what you think. We may do it again.

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