[MBO] March 2019

This is the March 2019 entry of Metagame Build Orders

Vs. Protoss

14 – Supply Depot
16 – Barracks
16 – Refinery
@100% Barracks – Reaper and Orbital Command
@400 mineral – Command Centre (@100% – Orbital Command)
20 – Supply Depot
@100% Reaper – Marine
@100 gas – Factory
@100% Marine – Reactor
@150 mineral – Barracks; then Refinery
@100% Factory – Tech Lab
@100% Reactor – Marine (constant production)
30 – Supply Depot
Build Supply Depot accordingly hereafter
@100% Tech Lab – Siege Tank (constant production)
@100% Barracks – Tech Lab
@100% Tech Lab – Combat Shield and Marauder production
When you can afford – Engineering Bay; Barracks; Refinery (in this order)

Push out when you have three Siege Tanks. Pull some Scvs.

This is an early attack timing build and you can read more about the rationale here. Early timing and defensive late game are two mainstream strategies in TvP now. Few are comfortable with the defensive late game style, so most players prefer to hit early timings. This is an option.

Vs. Terran

14 – Supply Depot
15 – Refinery
16 – Barracks
17 – Refinery
@100% Barracks – Reaper, Orbital Command and Factory
20 – Supply Depot (pull 2-3 Scvs out of Refinery)
@100% Reaper – Reaper
@100% Factory – Hellion
@400 mineral – Command Centre (put the Scvs back in to saturate both geysers)
26 – Supply Depot
@100% Reaper – Reaper
@100% Reaper – Reactor
@100% Hellion – Tech Lab
@150 mineral – Starport; Supply Depot
@100% Tech Lab – Siege Tank
@100% Reactor – 2x Marine (constant production)
@100% Starport – Medivac

Load the Tank and four Marines into the Medivac for the attack (with your Reapers and Hellion).

This is a map specific build. Since I see FanTaSy doing it on stream and in tournament first, I will give him credit for this. Others are picking up on this. You use this build on a map that allows you to place the Tank outside of opponent’s natural to cover your other units (e.g., Port Aleksander). Just watch the vods below, as a video speak a million words.

The attack is not anything dedicated, but it is just a small little curve ball to the common Reaper and Hellion build I mentioned in the last MBO. You will be amazed how a small investment in the Tank and Medivac can do so much damage. You should always go back to what you usually do after the initial attack.

The way to counter this attack is simply to put a defensive Siege Tank at the natural in a more advance position, as demonstrated by TY in GSL (watch this vod).

Vs. Zerg

14 – Supply Depot
16 – Barracks
16 – Refinery
@100% Barracks – Reaper and Orbital Command
@400 mineral – Command Centre (@100% – Orbital Command)
@100 mineral – Supply Depot
@100% Reaper – Marine
@100 gas – Factory
@100% Marine – Reactor
@150 mineral – Barracks
@400 mineral – Command Centre (@100% – Orbital Command)
@100% Reactor – Swap Factory onto Reactor for 2x Hellion, Tech Lab (with Barracks)
@100% Barracks – Reactor, Refinery
@100% 2x Hellion – 2x Hellion, Supply Depot
Constant Marine production, build Supply Depot accordingly hereafter.
@100% Tech Lab – Stim
@100% 2x Hellion – Lift Factory* and build a Starport on the Reactor
@100% Starport – 2x Medivac

This is the build that I have discussed in another post, so you can read that article for more information.

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5 thoughts on “[MBO] March 2019

  1. How do you CHOOSE the Build of the Month. There are so many Builds played. How do you know, which is the “Best”?

  2. For the TvP build, do you think a swap to a cyclone instead of the first siege tank as a reaction to stargate would be necessary? If the protoss goes cybercore first, the oracle hits around when T has 3-5 marines, so its a bit dicey. I reckon with the lack of twighlight, I should be able to make the push work with a cyclone and 2 tanks instead

    1. Just realized the push hits before blink, so maybe I should delay the push if they go stargate since it doesnt time up right with the powerspike…

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