Brewing a New Partnership

I am excited to announce a new partnership between TerranCraft and AFK Tea.

AFK Teas are made from high quality leaves, sourced from farms around the world to bring you a product worth taking up space in your inventory. I personally is an avid tea drinker (I love Earl Grey), so I’m very glad to partner up with  AFK Tea to bring you a healthy and delicious alternative when you are macro-ing your heart out.

Disclaimer: AFK Teas do not make Protoss less OP or Zerg harder to play. Your Marines and Siege Tanks still suck.

Lycan is the CEO of AFK Tea. Many of you should be familiar with his name, as he used to run the Lycan League Weekly tournament. It was a free tournament hosted to give players opportunities to compete for cash payout. Now, Lycan continues to contribute to the StarCraft scene with AFK Tea.

You can enter the “TERRAN” discount code when you check out at to enjoy 15% discount. A fraction of the proceed goes to TerranCraft. Hence, you can enjoy quality tea and support TerranCraft by using the discount code.

Enjoy a cup of AFK Tea with your family and friends this festive season. Happy holiday!

Follow us on Twitter: @Maxyusc and @AFKTeaCo.

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