TerranCraft is now on Patreon

TerranCraft has a Patreon page now!

What is Patreon?

Patreon (Wikipedia page) is a platform where people support content creators through subscription. The subscribers are called “Patrons”.

This works like subscribing to a streamer on Twitch. Content creators make many different types of contents on different platforms that do not have a integrated support system like Twitch. Patreon fills this gap.

Other Starcraft content creators like The Pylon Show and Carbot Animation are also using Patreon.

How to become a Patron?

You can go to TerranCraft’s Patreon page and pick a reward tier on the right.

If you do not have a Patreon account, you can sign up here.

Why Patreon?

TerranCraft has been running for six years. It is a one-man army. Research, writing, art design etc. Most articles take me weeks and even months to construct. It takes a lot of effort to craft an article from a meaningful angle with quality research. Your support is very important for sustaining TerranCraft.

This website is hosted by WordPress, and there is no integrated system for readers to support TerranCraft. I do not get a cent from the ads you see, as they are posted by WordPress for WordPress. I am using their cheapest plan, so there will be ads.

Few years back, propagare was telling me that he wanted to donate to me, but I did not have any form of channel for that. He suggested that I should at least have a PayPal account to allow tipping from readers. I took his advice. Thanks to the support via PayPal, I bought the TerranCraft.com domain and switched to a better web design theme. The readability and navigation of the site improved since then.

Some readers wanted to provide a monthly support, but PayPal does not do that well. This is where Patreon comes in. I activated the Patreon page two weeks ago, but I did not announce the page (until now). This is because I wanted to get feedback about the page from readers who had supported me previously via PayPal.

I want to thank propagare, Jacob, and Harry for becoming my first patrons. It is a pleasant surprise, as I was not expecting any patron before the announcement.

Also, I want to be as transparent as possible about the decisions I made for the reward tiers. It is normal for a Patreon page to have multiple reward tiers, which each provides the patrons with different level of benefits. I find it awkward to create different tiers of benefits, because I already give it my all. Most importantly, I do not want to put up a subscription wall for any article. Some suggest that I should provide other services to high tier supporters like coaching, and Q & A sessions. I really do not see myself as a good enough player to coach. Moreover, I am always open to all who want to discuss Starcraft, and I often address queries you have in private messages about the articles.

I quickly figure that I really cannot give more without taking things away. In the end, I believe it is best to keep everything the way it is. I show my appreciation by placing your names on the site.

See you in the Hyperion’s Cantina.

Thank you very much for your support!


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