Sixth Anniversary Gift

TerranCraft is only five year old. The title refers to the sixth anniversary with my girlfriend. She made me some Starcraft related gifts.

I always envy those who post the Starcraft art work and gifts made by their girlfriends. It is finally my turn.

Her effort definitely deserves a post. Love it.

Shout out to Carbot Animations for the original art.

A nice touch on the oil painting. “Six years” eliminate “five”. She said she’s the Zergling on the head.

The Baymax key chain is a bonus, and she made one for herself to make a pair.

She wrote a letter at the back of the paining. I won’t share it, but it’s sweet. The wrapping paper she used for the painting is from the flower I sent her.

She is in Hong Kong, and I’m in Sydney. I opened the package while we had webcam on, and she managed to capture my surprised look.

Thank you! I love it very much!



9 thoughts on “Sixth Anniversary Gift

  1. Nice Max those are some great gifts! Altough I can’t draw amazing Carbot pictures (or anything really) I can say thanks for helping us all terran bretheren through here and Reddit. Cbeers from another random asian guy who plays too much Starcraft!

  2. Happy anniversary dude. Keep up your amazing work plenty of us really appreciate it but don’t have the time to always interact and comment. Cheers.

    1. This may sound weird, but it actually makes a big difference when readers leave comments. They don’t have to be positive, but the fact that they are read by people alone is encouraging.

      Share my stuff around if you like them!

      1. Dude your analysis is mind blowing how can anyone post but positive comments. Thanks again and I’ll sure upvote and interact with your articles when I see them on reddit. Cheers.

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