Casting for ESL

I will be casting for ESL Australia.

No, it is not a joke.

And, no, it is not Starcraft (sadly). I will be casting the ESL ANZ Championship for Hearthstone. It is the first Australia pro circuit, and it is starting this weekend.

How much do I know about Hearthstone? I will say decent in a casual manner, and I definitely know more about Starcraft than Hearthstone.

Do I have casting experience? No. I expect myself to suck. Really, I think I am going be pretty bad. I am not a good speaker in general (just ask my students).

However, I do have fifteen years of trading card game experience, and the notable ones that I have played are Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic: The Gathering, V.S. System and World of Warcraft. Like most TCG players, I played multiple games at the same time, and I “major” in YuGiOh which i had previously played competitively for more than ten years.

While I have a certain level of understanding for the casting for Starcraft, I know relatively little about how it is done in Hearthstone. Of course, I am going to some research on what is expected. For instance, the balance to talk about the meta, narrate the possible plays, point out mistakes, sing praise, forecast future turns and discuss the consideration of RNG etc..


Incidentally, Whispers of the Old Gods, which is the newest expansion for Hearthstone, has just been released a few days ago. On top of that, Blizzard have also recently introduced the new standard format, and only cards from the newest sets can be used along with the Basic and Classic card sets. This means the whole metagame will be refreshed!

This new and less explored format gives me more flexibility in the things I can say in the show. More importantly, if I am correct, this tournament is also the first tournament in the world for this format. Thus, it should receive much attention from players of different levels around the global.

C’Thun is the key card of this set, and I have a hard time pronouncing it. I know it’s pronounced as “KA-torn”, but I always say it as “cartoon” in my mind. The other Old Gods cards aren’t that easy to pronounce either, just look at their names below. Oh, I use Tassadar as the background for the image to show my passion for Starcraft, even though I’m talking about passionstone here.

Wish me luck.



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