I Failed to Ascend to Power

I have been plotting my path to claim power, but I have failed. This is my confession.

I usually go by /u/mrmaxilicious on reddit, but secretly I am also /u/Osiris1316.

That’s right. I am actually the build of the week (BOTW) guy on /r/allthingsterran. No one has suspected that because I put in extra precaution to log in the two accounts with different IP address and post at different time frame.

I normally post my blog post on /r/allthingsterran as /u/Osiris1316, because I don’t want people to think I share my own content too often.


To avoid suspicion, I mix in posts that do not directly link a hyperlink of this blog. Most importantly, I ensure everyone knows it is from this awesome blog!



Also, I intentionally have the two accounts to start conversations as if they are two independent individuals! Of course, as a manipulative narcissist, I cannot help but to sing praise to myself.

Good job, /u/Osiris1316.

No, you’re better, /u/mrmaxilicious.




Why are you doing this you may ask.

It is all about power.

Yes. Power.

I have been planning this all along to set up the perfect opportunity to vote myself into power. I make a post to recommend myself to be the almighty mod of /r/allthingsterran!


Do you still remember the time I asked others to join BOTW? It is all part of the master plan to get someone on the BOTW team me to be the mod. The rest are merely used as smokescreen.

These unsuspected fools just play along!


However, these scumbags congress mods of /r/allthingsterran still have their reservation and are not ready to share their power! Did they get suspicious? Did they smell my plan?

And you think you have seen through everything?

Think again…


Happy 1st of April everyone.


I won eventually. All as planned.



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