Blizzcon WCS Global Finals 2015 Sydney Barcraft

I was at the Sydney barcraft for WCS Global Finals 2015, and it was enjoyable except that no Terran player was playing.

People were so racist against me! Terran this, Terran that! I blame this on INnoVation.

Hotel CBD (the bar) would be opened by 10am. However, since the entries were limited to 180 people and more than 400 people said they were going to the event on Facebook, I arrived at 9:15am. There were already a few people standing around. I then met up with some friends in the McDonald’s to watch the semi-final games on the tablet, before we went back to the bar again.

Met many familiar faces.




DSC_0791Everyone was given two Psi-Blades at the entrance.




DSC_0797My Wife for hire!

DSC_0798Amazing food. Oh by the way, everything is free! Beer and food!

There were some lucky draws given out in the event. I was surrounded by four lucky people, who received the Legacy of the Void collector’s edition (he screamed next to my ear when he was called), Zergling plushy, calendar, art work, Roccat keyboard, and so on.

There weren’t that many people, as it is now exam period for the Universities.

Thank you Blizzard!

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