Blizzcon 2014 prediction


It is the time of the year again for me to embarrass myself. It is much harder to make a prediction this year than the last.

Here it goes,

blizzcon 2014

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Round of 16

Bomber vs. Jaedong

Jaedong’s performance this year has been lackluster. Some may argue that there are more deserving players for that spot, and I can understand why. He barely made it in being the #16 player. On the other hand, Bomber goes into this tournament with the best form of his life by winning the Redbull Battleground and WCS America Season 3. However, TvZ is never Bomber’s strongest match up, but his unique style has definitely destroyed many Zergs before.

Bomber wins.

StarDust vs. MMA

StarDust can beat any player on any day. But given that MMA’s form recently is so good, I see MMA advancing.

MMA wins.

MC vs. herO

If herO does not play another Protoss, I believe that he has a good chance of winning it. However, since his first opponent is the BossToss, things get complicated. MC’s PvP is definitely not weak, but I favor herO here because he has the KeSPA Protoss aura (practice partner advantage).

herO wins.

Polt vs. Classic

There are very very few Protoss who can beat Polt in a best of 5. Is Classic one of them? No. At least not now. Classic definitely has much to prove after his Sniper-esque GSL victory. But I doubt sheer will is enough to overcome Captain America.

Polt wins.

San vs. jjakji

Probably the least celebrated match in round of 16, and understandably so. Neither player has a great story line or a fan favorite. Although it may seem disrespectful, but both of them may get eliminated in the first round if they are facing other players in the tournament. I will give it 40-40. As TaeJa said, San is one-top. So there you go.

San wins.

Zest vs. Life

Zest is coming into this tournament as the favorite by winning GSL, KeSPA cup and GSL Global Championship. Oh, if that’s not impressive enough, throw in Proleague and IEM (second). But his opponent is a tricky one, the most unique Zerg in the world. I won’t be shocked if Life takes it, but I will put my money on Zest.

Zest wins.

soO vs. TaeJa

Arguably the most anticipated match of this round. The player with the most second place finish versus the player with the most first place finish. soO is invincible because this is not the final. But it is extremely hard to bet against TaeJa at the same time. I will say soO, simply because… I don’t know… Because soO’s favorite color is yellow, and not blue. There you go, logic.

soO wins.

HyuN vs. INnoVation

On paper, it seems like INnoVation should be the winner, but his opponent is HyuN. HyuN, the commander of the Roaches. There is no secret that INnoVation’s weakness in TvZ is early all-in with Roach and Banelings. Moreover, INnoVation is not as comfortable against Roach-Hydra as he’s against Ling-Bane-Muta. Nevertheless, INnoVation should still come out on top as a better player overall.

INnoVation wins.

Round of 8

Bomber vs. MMA

Bomber is the best TvT player now. Period. But MMA is a TvT monster himself. These two were the best Terran players back in the GomTvT days. Tough choice, but Bomber never disappoints, right? Right?!

Bomber wins.

herO vs. Polt

Like I’ve said, there are very few Protoss who can beat Polt, and herO is definitely one of the them. herO is arguably the best PvT player out there. If you don’t believe me, go check out his match history yourself. With that being said, Polt’s TvP record is equally impressive. This is going to be a treat. I will give herO a slight edge because of the predictability of Polt.

herO wins.

San vs. Zest

Although Zest just lost to Sora 3-0, his PvP is still one of the best in the world. In contrast, San is mediocre in PvP. I will be shocked if Zest loses.

Zest wins.

soO vs. INnoVation

GSL Final rematch. Let’s play a drinking game: drink when the caster says Roach-Baneling all-in. It is 50-50 in my opinion. But this is not the final.

soO wins.


Bomber vs. herO

Bomber’s TvP is not bad, but it’s just not as good as herO’s PvT.

herO wins.

Zest vs. soO

Zest wins if this is the final, but it’s not. This is going to be another 50-50. It is not unthinkable that whoever beats Zest is the champion eventually. If this assertion is true, then it has to be put to test against soO’s kong logic. Well, never doubt the kong logic, so I will go for Zest. But wait! Doesn’t that mean soO doesn’t go to the final to be consistent with the kong logic? Hmmm…

Zest wins.


herO vs. Zest

Zest wins herO in PvP. Sounds normal.

Zest wins.

I just have a bit of fun with the prediction. so don’t be too serious in making an argument that who should have won instead.

Let me know your prediction in the comment. Have fun coming back to post in the comment to laugh at me this weekend.

WCS global final

Tarot card design is taken from TeamLiquid

12 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2014 prediction

  1. I hope you realize that most of these players are subpar compared to avilo. Due to a few unlucky build order wins and games against maphackers at tournaments, avilo wasn’t able to reach BlizzCon. I’d say, hands down, that Blizzard is going to replace JaeDong with avilo.

    Whether or not avilo wins remains to be seen. Many of these players are maphackers and/or play protoss, so even avilo’s insane mechanics and gamesense might not be enough to claim victory.

    Bomber vs avilo
    avilo wins against bomber hands down. His TvT is so good that whether or not his opponent maphacks is irrelevant. Bomber’s offensive mech style is no match for avilo’s defense mech, and avilo will be able to abuse the gaping vulnerabilities in Bomber’s defense. 3-0 avilo

    avilo vs mma
    mma doesn’t stand a chance. Avilo is FAR better looking, and will sweep the floor with mma
    3-0 avilo

    avilo vs herO
    herO plays imba race, so it’s hard to say. I think if avilo chooses protoss instead of terran, he is almost guaranteed to win. However, many of us in the SC2 community might feel let down at avilo’s betrayal. If he sticks with terran, I’d say 3-1 avilo

    avilo vs INnoVation
    INnoVation is a great Terran player; ultimately, however, INnoVation’s use of bio is just indicative of his unwillingness to adapt to the new meta. Still, avilo might be caught off guard by a doomdrop and lose a map (maybe two). 4-1 avilo

  2. I actually like your most of predictions for the lower half of the bracket, but I think if Innovation can hold off Hyun’s Roach timings, then I think he can beat soO in the quarters and push through to the Semi’s. I still think Zest will stop him there, however. Zest is just on fire.

    For the upper bracket, I agree with your predictions of Bomber pushing to the semifinals over Jaedong and either MMA or StarDust. However, Polt’s TvP is just sick, and I am betting that he will take herO if for nothing else than to have another face-off against Bomber in a semi-final (which he will, sadly, probably lose by 1 game if recent showings in WCS AM and RB Battlegrounds is any indicator).

    My gut tells me Bomber vs Zest in the final, with Zest taking it 4-2.

      1. What I would really like to see is for Taeja to beat soO and have a Taeja-Innovation rematch. Their game from the Season 2 finals in 2013 was insane. I rewatched it yesterday and it was just as thrilling as the first time.

  3. seems like I was wrong. JaeDong didn’t get subbed out for avilo. also, nice predictions, 3 for 4 so far on round of 16. anyways, avilo is definitely going to be brought out for the grand finale, a 2 (innovation + bomber/herO tagteam) v 1 (avilo at 50% handicap). it’s tough to call, especially if herO n00btoss advances to finals, but I’d say avilo in a 4-2 victory. in hindsight, having avilo crush all opposition would’ve been a poor choice. i like blizzard’s choice of the 2v1 better.

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