GSL 2014 Season 3 Final Barcraft Sydney


I was at Palace Hotel Sydney for the GSL 2014 Season 3 Final barcraft last night. Not my first barcraft, but the best so far.

It was organised by Sydney Collegiate Starcraft.


I put these on. eSports fashion!





I brought two friends along. They were pretty impressed by the crowd, so was I. Despite the occasional technical difficulties, SCS did a good job. The crowd was obviously cheering for soO. I guess Australia is owned by Zerg.

Thank you sponsors for giving away the prizes, which include keyboard, mouse, collectible toys etc.

My friends won the following luck draw prizes, and I had none. Nevertheless, I neural parasite them all and put them in our office (on MY desk).



The red devil ears thing was sponsored by MSI and was given to the girls.


IMG_20141005_120919But I think our my Zergling is a more fitting owner.

The images below are taken from Team Exile 5 Facebook page.



1270779_10152722553123788_1283115195786148604_oOur picture with x5.Pig

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