TerranCraft Now on Facebook


TerranCraft is now on Facebook.

A friend suggested me to create a Facebook page for this blog in order to make it easier for him to follow it. Sounds good.

It is quite weird that I actually did not create a Facebook page in the modern social media era.

New posts will automatically be updated there. So you can like the Facebook page and read the latest posts. The Facebook page also creates an alternative platform for me to share certain content, which is not exactly worthy for a post itself. For example, a vod that I think is exciting to watch, but there is not much room for discussion. Further, some readers have been sending me emails about specific games or trends that they want to me write about. A Facebook page seems like a perfect place for that.

The Facebook page can be accessed from this blog itself by clicking the Facbeook icon on the top right as shown in the image below.


What do you think?

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