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I have not posted anything for more than a month because I was (actually still am) busy with my priorities. In case you don’t know, I’m a full time student. Anyway, I have more time for my blog now.

In fact, I am watching SPL Round 3 final between SKT and CJ live now.

So the posts are coming.

Current status of TerranCraft

TerranCraft is more than two years old now. I didn’t know it until someone asked me how long I’ve been blogging. Here is the first post on a TvT. It seems like I’m more committed than I thought I would.

Other news… TerranCraft has been referenced in Liquipedia
3 Rax Aggro (vs. Protoss)
Early E-Bay (vs. Protoss)

Although I’m not an artistic person, I will redesign the blog a little.

Also, thanks for sending me emails. Especially those who sent me emails about what to post. I have been watching those links that you guys sent me, and I should write something soon later this week.

My Starcraft

I have not played Starcraft since mid October last year. That is about seven months since I last played Starcraft. Previously, I was moving to Sydney, so I did not have my keyboard and mouse. Now, there is another problem. The delay and latency are unbearable. I will probably reformat my laptop soon and see how it goes. (Oh yes, I’ve been playing Starcraft on my laptop since forever.)

I guess my skill is in the gold league now. =)

Interesting metagame stuff

I heard Proleague is top quality now, so I will start updating myself of the current metagame from the Proleague vods. Lucky or not, there are too few Terrans in GSL, which I don’t have a ticket to access the vods. I noticed that SKT is a tier above others in quality and quantity. They have the highest representation in GSL Code S this season with six players. Five of them already advanced to the next round and Soulkey, who is the 6th, is likely to advance too. But SKT Terrans don’t seem to do well, or maybe just Terran in general anyway.

The bio-mech transition caught my attention, so I will study the games and post something about it.

Bbyong’s build against Zest was interesting too.

3 thoughts on “Back to TerranCraft

  1. Hey Max

    You published some content again, awesome!
    Gonna read it as soon as I can. I’m taking a break from SCII for about a month to take care of my studies and personal things ..

    I hope your internet connection is finally fixxed :)

    Cheers tonight

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