Starcraft, Hearthstone and PhD


It is the in-between-seasons period. There really isn’t much to analyze now, so I have not posted anything for past 2 weeks. This post is an update of what I have been doing and what I am going to do.

I have been playing Hearthstone for three weeks. Pretty addictive.

I have CCG experience from Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel Master, Pokemon, Wow and VS System. Yu-Gi-Oh! perhaps stands out above the rest as I had played it competitively for 10 years. Not anymore though.

I may start a Hearthstone blog. Just maybe.

I have not logged in to Starcraft since I have got my Hearthstone beta key. Guilt.

With that being said, Starcraft still weights as heavy as it used to. Terrancraft should get more active when the new season starts.

Also, I will begin my PhD journey in University of Sydney early next year. A step closer to my dream. Apart from normal school work, other commitments, like teaching, may prevent me from posting here as often as I would like to.

Although I held a GSL ticket for the last two years, I have yet to decide if I should get one for 2014. The only reason that is holding me back is Twitch. It is a pain to watch vods on it. I don’t want to pay for frustration.

If you are in Sydney, let me know which internet service provider is good for Starcraft. Oh, let me know if there’s a an eSports or Starcraft club in University of Sydney too. Glad to join.


6 thoughts on “Starcraft, Hearthstone and PhD

  1. Hey i’m in Sydney too! There definitely is a starcraft club in Syd Uni but there’s also a collegiate Starcraft League which extends to all university students (i’m pretty sure), you’ll see them at every barcraft.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your PhD in?

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