First Win against a Grandmaster


I just won a Grandmaster for the first time!

This is nothing to brag about, but I am really happy since I’m a shit player.

I was playing unranked because my internet connection is having the “time of the day”. I held the Roach Baneling all-in and slowly won the game.

My skill level is probably Platinum-Diamond at best.


taeja clap1

10 thoughts on “First Win against a Grandmaster

    1. I have not played any ladder games for this season, but probably I will be in gold (the retirement league). My mechanics is poor, and my micro is horrible (probably I picked the wrong race). =(

      It is frustrating when I know what to do but I cannot do them.

  1. GJ!
    I know the feeling, it is just so epic even if you know that it does not really matter.

    By the way:
    1. Could you upload some of your replays?
    2. I would like to read about your opinion of the past HSC.


    1. I’m not really comfortable to share my account ID with anyone, but I may consider it in the future. You can have a laugh at my control. lol.

      I followed TaeJa’s run in HSC, but there wasn’t something specific to talk about. But he did let me think about something against Zerg, and I will blog it soon. =)

  2. Would you mind posting the replay? Im kinda lost with TvZ at the moment because i just cant read what the zerg is doing (90% of my TvZ’s this season it’s been either ling-bane or roach-ling-bane all ins and almost all of them have caught me by total surprise).

    I’ve been doing the standard reactor hellion -> 3cc -> double ebay for long time but recently every zerg have been all inning me which seems to be almost impossible to hold for me because i really cant read it’s coming in time. It’s very frustrating to scout 3rd hatch and double evo and assume it’s gonna be a standard macro build from the zerg but 2 minutes later he busts my front with bane-roach-ling all in. Is there any reliable ways and timings to scout if zerg is going for all in early enough or should i just not go 3cc anymore?

    I would love to get some advice for defending these all ins because if i survive into the mid game i win almost every time.

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