Bomber x Oracle


I have a good time laughing at Bomber’s misfortune against Protoss on his stream today. Bomber played against many Protoss in a row. Here are the screen shots.

Take these lightheartedly. Not everything is about Oracle or Protoss. Bomber even played Grubby.

Click to enlarge images.



3DTs in his base



6Bomber used Protoss himself


8Never be an oracle and predict that you will make an Oracle

9Because opponent would take one of your geysers

10Plan B when your 2nd geyser is stolen

11When his Mothership Core scouted opponent’s Oracle is on his way




15Bomber made Void Rays not Oracles

16Same opponent in next game

17Bomber got cannon-rushed in this game

18And won








26Trademark Ebay block

27I had lost count how many Protoss he played in a row




32When asked what he thinks about new Tanks


31When asked if he can beat Golden easily in Redbull Battlegrounds (Cheeky*)

34vs. Grubby


37Seriously, Grubby, of all words? lol

38It doesn’t matter who: Just ask THE question



41Bomber really moved his scouting Scv to the middle ._.

35Bad boy Grubby

42Best answer possible lol



45Troll vs. Troll


47When Bomber saw the Oracle

48Too late, Saiyan is here

49Bomber loaded his Medivac after they had been envisioned by Oracle. #InYourFace

50Same old: Terran find it hard to attack a Protoss until Protoss takes a 3rd


contain2I did this the other day too =)

Grubby constantly warp in mass Zealots somewhere on the map and attack Bomber’s bases. Bomber rally units in base and held just fine, despite some economical damage. In the end, Bomber concedes when Protoss deathball steamrolled the contain.

contain3AOE buffet: Colossus + Storm + Time Warp + Force Field


52And Bomber played 3 games as Protoss too


moralofthestoryMoral of the story

Apparently, I’m not the only one who is impressed by Bomber’s English.

4 thoughts on “Bomber x Oracle

  1. I don’t really understand the oracle buff. I mean its already been buffed and its not like it hasn’t been used at all in pro games? I think Blizzard has rushed to this buff, instead of giving enough time for the high level players to adjust. Now with the success of the recent Protosses, they have more buffs, and the same safe mothership expand opening every time :(

    1. My main criticism for Oracle’s change is that the rationale is not well justified. By buffing an “offensive” unit and not nerfing another unit, the change does not encourage less defensive play from Protoss. It is simply saying you can still play the same way, but you have a better unit at your disposal now.

  2. Why buff oracle when it is being use by pro gamer regularly but not always but doesnt mean that you want the player to use oracle in every game if they want to buff protoss aggresiveness they should nerf photon overcharge because toss are fucking strong being defensive and now you want them to be strong being offensive seems so wrong. I always do all in with toss cuz I dont want to fight them but really it rarely works cuz of photon overcharge and force field at ramp while toss has a thousand of all ins and cheeses while terran has few.

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