Bulletin: 14/06/2013


Bulletin is a new addition to TerranCraft. It aims to provide quick summary of what is going on and which match to watch.

This idea is based on my friend’s comment that there is too much to catch up and read for Starcraft. Bulletin fills the role to provide links to important issues and games that are worthy of watching. I aim to make it a weekly bulletin.

Of course, all the suggested games should be Terran matches. I will only link games from professional scene.

Bear in mind that I’m not making any profit out of this blog and I have other commitments with higher priority. Moreover, I am working on this alone, and hence, I do not have much time to watch every single game to be comprehensive. I will appreciate it if you can comment and suggest games that should be included.

This is the first issue: 7/06/2013 – 14/06/2013




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