WCS Websites


It seems to me that Blizzard has no intention to make an official WCS website, which serves as a central platform for all information regarding WCS. The community has to pick up the slack.

Credit to ESL. Europe is the only region that as an official site for WCS.

The community is crying for a consolidated website for WCS of all regions and not just one. Blizzard has not answered the call till now, and hence, I guess they will never do it anyway. It is nice to see that the community actually steps in to make a consolidated website for WCS, which of course is an unofficial one. Good job.

Liquipedia has also created “WCS Portal“.

It is very important to have an official site. Not just because it is easy for the community to refer to things, but also to prevent possible disputes.


The whole Miya-WCS America incident could have been avoided if there is an official site. Based on the information provided, players do not have a standardised way to get their information about their upcoming games.

As we have received emails from MLG recently about rescheduled matches for Premier League, changes in qualifier dates, etc., we were relying on the most up to date information from an MLG representative.

Stakeholders do not know if the emails they received contain the updated information due to the frequent changes. The next go-to-place is to ask MLG representatives, who apparently are not more informed than the rest. If there is an official WCS site, everyone including the players can refer to the latest updates of the event. If necessary, emails can be sent to the team managers and players that there have been changes and hyperlink the website in the email itself.


What do you think?

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