Starcraft Style April Fool


Blizzard is known for doing funny stuff on April fool.

I was anticipating their funky announcement, but this is beyond my imagination.

Blizzard actually turned workers into Warhound!


What really surprised me was that, the change was not only for Terran. All three races are mining with Warhound.

The first game I played with this change was against a Zerg. I was shocked when I saw him scouting with a Warhound. I actually thought I was playing a TvT.


Q:Are we really supposed to believe that Zerg Warhounds are now biological units that can morph into structures?

A: Yes! It’s all very complicated and it involves Ribosomes.

Even Team Liquid was having a little fun on Liquipedia


2 thoughts on “Starcraft Style April Fool

  1. i acutally found the warhound workers a little annoying after a few games. sometimes they looked idle while constructing buildings. btw, nice blog! i’m working on a website and i made sure to link to you!

    1. Thank you very much.

      I agree with you. The warhound kinda affected some of my games because I’m not sure if the “scv” is doing what I want. That’s because the warhound has less prominent animation than the actual scv when it’s building or repairing. But well, it’s cool for April fool.

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