Heart of the Swarm Launch Event Singapore


Global Launch Event is live now. I’m watching Grubby vs. Stephano who are playing in France now, while I’m installing Heart of the Swarm.

Anyway, I was at the Launch Event in Singapore today (yesterday).

As expected, the Singapore event was much more small scale than anywhere in the world. Basically, there aren’t many Starcraft players in Singapore, as most play LoL or WoW. Moreover, most aren’t “active” players who play and follow the game. Nevertheless, Singapore is the best choice in terms of location to host the launch event in SEA. The fact that there wasn’t any celebrity for the event just made it even more dull which is understandable. I just bought the game and left after an hour.

Took a few photos at the event. (I forgot to click on my phone screen to use auto focus)







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