There is an outrage regarding the unsolved issue of ANZ and SEA region players not being able to play on the NA server.

An error message pops up when I attempt to join a game in custom game (as shown below).


The ladder does not work either (as shown below).


I have not logged into Starcraft for two months, and I’m not aware of such issue. Thus, upon seeing the error message, I tried to log on to the SEA server. Apparently, this issue only occurs to ANZ and SEA players who try to play on the NA server. After doing some research on the error, it appears that this has been a problem for more than a month since the last patch. I can’t imagine how frustrated those players who log on and try to play on NA everyday are.

NA server is important to the SEA players. Ever since I started on the NA, I have not logged in to my SEA account. The number of players in SEA is significantly less than NA. More importantly, the waiting time to find a player on ladder and preset “auto-start” melee custom games is relatively longer. I often face the same player on ladder on SEA which makes it interesting yet annoying at the same time.

Although there are suggestions to fix this problem, I will just wait for the almighty Blizzard to swing its wand.

I just hope that this is fixed soon than later.

Meanwhile, I shall speculate about the Project Blackstone.



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