Flash All-Kill EG-TL


I took a break from not just starcraft but the internet as a whole.

There are some news that caught my eyes when I visited TL. For example, PartinG leaves Startale. But I believe Flash’s godlike performance against EG-TL in SPL is worth a mention on TerranCraft.

As I had mentioned in the past, I have no experience in SC:BW. However, I’m more than aware who Flash is, and what he means to the community. With that being said, I do not exactly know how he plays in Brood War. Anyway, from his SC2 games, I have an impression that he likes to play economical builds (often 14 CC), and utilizes the map well. Clearly, he has excellent mechanics but his micro is not that spectacular compared to some other players like MarineKing and Taeja. But I’m impressed by his effective apm usage, and his tactical movements. These qualities are demonstrated in his 4 games against EG-TL.

Game 1: vs. Revival

The first thing that come to my mind when I think about TvZ is Broodlord and infestor composition. I’m not going to talk about balance issue here. Flash shows you how to play against the ultimate composition by avoiding direct battle. Theoretically, everyone knows that Terran should start to drop when Broodlords are out. Simply because Broodlord has low movement speed and it is hard for the zerg player to defend against multiple drops. Although everyone knows about it, few can execute it as well as Flash did in this game.

If Terran drops with one medivac, Zerg should be able to defend reasonably well with static defensive structures and queens. If Terran send you more medivacs to drop, it may turn out to be an unwinnable base trade scenario if the Zerg just push over with the death ball. The amount of pressure that Flash asserted to deal with the situation was close to perfection. More importantly, the way he effectively free up supply to get some ravens to face the Zerg deathball for the final battle is an art.

Simply brilliant.

Game 2: vs. HerO

I won’t be surprised if HerO won the game. Afterall, HerO’s TvP is THAT good that he can 4-0 and 4-1 Taeja in recent tournaments. Flash’s early marine pressure seems to be an anti-metagame move. Protoss always has a few stalkers positioned outside of Terran’s base as a form of contain due to the range advantage stalkers have over marines. Flash sneaked some marines to HerO’s base could be deadly if HerO cut stalkers and positioned them outside of Flash’s base. The move could be better if the timing of the bunker at the natural was completed when the marines reach HerO’s base.

In the mid game (when the first two medivacs are out), Flash didn’t try to deal damage but constantly try to delay HerO’s third by containing him at the natural. This is a standard TvP midgame tactical movement nowadays. When HerO’s third was up, Flash then dropped in his main as HerO got stretched.

Game 3: vs. Taeja

Anyone would have expected both of them to use marine tank composition instead of Mech vs Mech. Flash was ahead by a little in every aspect, e.g. double armory and a mining third. Interestingly, Flash opted to have thors instead of building up his tank count as the game approached the midgame. I couldn’t tell what’s the intention of having hellion and thor composition since Flash wasn’t exactly doing anything with them. However, when the game reached the stalemate position as per every Mech vs Mech game once someone took a certain critical position, Flash moved his thors and hellions to counter attack. It was certainly more effective than having hellions run by.

Game 4: vs. JYP

Tactical brilliance. That just sums it up.

Post-match interview:

Recently, it felt like you were losing a lot.

It really brought me down. So I just ate and played like 50-60 games a day. I was satisfied in the amount of practice I was doing so I earned the confidence to grab an all kill.

What do you think?

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